Guide to Digital Nomad-friendly Activities in Phuket

There’s a good number of coworking spaces scattered across the island, so digital nomads in Phuket won’t have a huge problem finding a spot to get their work done during their sojourn on the island. The bigger question is: what do you do to fill up the gaps on your itinerary? Spending plenty of time by the sand and sea is a must on this tropical island, but there’s more to Phuket than the beach. Get some digital nomad-friendly travel inspiration below:

Broaden your networks

Meeting up with like-minded digital nomads

As a digital nomad it’s important to stay connected with the community. Who knows who you’ll meet at the next meetup, and what you’ll learn during these chance encounters? There are plenty of meetups for travellers, but if what you want is to connect with like-minded inidividuals schedule in a date on your calendar for a meeting with the folks at the Phuket Startup Businesses Meetup.

digital nomad working from the beach

Outdoor adventure

It’s not all work and no play. You’re a digital nomad after all, so make full use of all the advantages that travelling offers!

Unleash your inner Tarzan or Jane

If you’ve got a streak of adventure in you and can’t resist an adrenaline surge, give ziplining a go. Bring out your inner Tarzan or Jane at Flying Hanuman when you try out all of its 28 platforms, which ranges from ziplines and sky bridges, to skyrails and abseils. You’ll be rewarded with views out to the lush rainforests of the island and the city landscape of Phuket Town.

flying hanuman phuket

Reconnect with Mother Nature

If you’re a city dweller used to living within the walls of a concrete jungle, it’s time to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Go for a walk or hike to take in the emerald landscapes and tropical breezes that the island offers.

Take a walk through the only virgin rainforest on the island – the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. A handful of forest trails run through the verdant grounds, and guides can be hired from the office of the reserve. Keep your eyes peeled for sighting of wildlife; langurs, bears, wild boars, monkeys and gibbons are some of the species that traverse the vast grounds of the reserve. If there’s time after to visit a second attraction the picturesque Tonsai Waterfall is located close to the office of the reserve.

Cruise along Phuket’s turquoise waters

Get ready for a visual feast when you embark on a canoe trip to explore Phang Nga Bay. The canoe will take you past hongs (caves with tops that have eorded) and dark, mysterious tunnels. Highlights of the trip include Panak’s island, Hong Islands and the renowned James Bond Island – so called as it was featured in the James Bond film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. A half or full day tour may include stopovers on the neighbouring islands, where you’ll get to swim, canoe or frolick leisurely along the shores.

phang nga bay

Underwater adventures

Clear, sparkling and bursting with colourful marine life, the seas of Phuket are ideal for snorkeling. The best time for snorkeling during the year fall within the months from November to April, and some of the most popular sites are Ao Sane, Laem Singh, Ya Nui and Paradise Beach. Masks, snorkels and fins are easily found in equipment stores dotted across the island.

Add new skills to your repertoire

Go crazy over coffee

Pick up a new skill or two during your digital nomad retreat. Coffee addicts who love discovering the art and science that goes behind a perfect brew will be eager to join in the barista training course from Phuket Coffee Lab. Lasting a duration of three to four hours, the course takes you from the basics, like understanding coffee and how it is grown, processed and roasted, to the more complicated aspects of latte art, espresso making, purchasing, storage and machine maintenance.

Whip up delicious Thai

Not a big fan of coffee? Try your hand at whipping up a Thai feast or two. Health-conscious foodies will enticed by the wholesome vegetarian menu put together by Organic Thai Cooking. The cooking class starts off with a visit to the market and a tour around the organic farm before you get your hands dirty in the cooking session. Class sizes are kept small so as to ensure that everyone gets a adequete guidance from the instructor. A visit to the local markets and informative cooking lesson is also conducted by the personable Oratai.

thai cooking


Enjoy an indulgent spa treat

Let a decadent spa treatment melt away the stress and tension. If you’re in an indulgent mood enjoy being spoilt silly during a treatment at the plush Banyan Tree Spa or Royal Phuket Yacht Club. At the latter the Le Royal Massage – which combines massage techniques from Sweden and Thailand – is a treatment that offers one-and-a-half hours of bliss.

But you won’t have to trade an arm and leg to enjoy a soothing massage. Places like Mind Massage hit the sweet spot with its affordable prices and quality massage treatments.

banyan tree spa phuket

Cafe hoppin’

If you enjoy books and coffee, but can’t find the time to slot it into your day-to-day schedule back home, now’s the time to get back on track with your reading. Pack along your favourite reads (or download them into your iPad) and head down to cosy cafe for a quiet session of uninterrupted reading. If you’re a coffee snob you’ll want to hang out at places where they serve the best brews – Café Siam and The Circle Coffee Boutique are cafes that come with recommendations.

Get some ocean meditation

Being close to the sand and sea does wonders for the soul, so make sure you’ve got a couple of morning beach walks scheduled in your itinerary. A crowded beach won’t do – what you want is a paradisiacal coast where tourists and touts are far and few between. Head to Kalim beach or Sai Keaw beach, where the coast is all yours.

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