It’s Siam Safari time in Phuket!

Join us as we explore the Siam Safari in Phuket!

Elephant Trek Siam Safari

Siam Safari

Immerse yourself in Thai culture by going on an elephant trek! Elephants are renowned in Thailand as being a symbol of power and peace, so an elephant trek through the Thai jungle is bound to be an unforgettable cultural experience.

Elephant trekking can be found anywhere in Thailand, but Siam Safari is highly recommended, with over twenty-five years of experience giving nature tours. Do not go on a singular tour, but rather go on the highly acclaimed four-in-one tour. The four-in-one tour not only has elephant trekking, but as guessed by it’s name, four other activities which allow you to be immersed in Thai Culture and be informed of it. This is the best way to learn about Thai culture in half a day, whilst in a jungle-like setting.

Baby Elephants Siam Safari

First on the tour you will meet the very cute baby elephants, who have their own ‘mahouts’ (keepers) who take them through their paces to perform their own clever tricks. From painting a picture to playing the harmonica, you are bound to be amazed how intelligent these elephants really are. Visitors will then have the opportunity to take pictures and feed treats to these adorable baby elephants.

After you have become more informed about the traditional art of rubber tapping, you will then go on the wondrous elephant trek, which can even see you going through rivers. When Thailand outlawed logging in 1989, the elephant population found themselves out of work.

Coincidentally, this was when tourism in Thailand started to rise, so the elephants were instead put to work trekking. All the elephants in this safari are female, and therefore are more predictable and calmer in temperament. This particular tour takes you through the back paths and bamboo groves of the safari for twenty minutes.

Siam Safari

Lastly, there is a rice and coconut lesson. Prepare to be fascinated by the way that rice, an integral part of Thai life, is prepared in order to be sold and cooked to the public. From the manual labour of removing the husk of the rice to the final result, this is sure to be an interesting lesson. What is even more fascinating is the coconut lesson. It is here that you learn about all the different components of the coconut tree, and how no part is wasted because every part of the coconut tree is used. You will also be shown how to husk a coconut and how to make various coconut products, such as coconut oil and coconut milk.

Finish off your tour with afternoon tea in the hut. You will be served sweet tea and coconut pancakes, as you watch and become amazed by the buffaloes that plough the field. During this time, visitors are welcome to sit at the back of the buffalo cart. Go and and capture a shot of yourself sitting in a buffalo cart, for this is sure to make an authentic picture of you being thoroughly immersed in Thai culture.

Animal lovers, keep your eyes peeled for our next post!