Phuket’s Magnificent Big Buddha

Big Buddha Phuket

Let us explore the Big Buddha, a renowned tourist attraction in Phuket!

Phuket Big Buddha, Phuket Town

Whilst the sheer magnitude of the 45 meters tall Buddha is enough to make this place worth a visit, there are also a multitude of other things to do and see here. There are a number of interesting food stalls, as well as the more generic souvenirs that you can get in Phuket.

Andaman Sea

The panoramic view of the Andaman Sea is spectacular. Paired with the glimmering Burmese marble that the statue is made of, which is a natural symbol of hope, this is definitely a good day out. Due to its height, this is one of the best places in Phuket to catch the sunset. If you want to do this, make sure you are at the top of the Buddha by 6:30pm.

If you fancy a more substantial bite to eat than what the food stalls surrounding the Big Buddha provide, then there is Nakkerd Sea View Restaurant which is located close by. The food and prices here are reasonable, but the view is what makes this restaurant spectacular.

Funds for this massive structure come completely from donations, so do not think of the donation boxes in the area as off-putting, but rather a way of keeping the construction of this magnificent statue on-going. The locals will fondly refer to the construction of this Buddha happening for 100 years.

Big Buddha in Phuket

You can even buy a tile to write your own message on, and it will be incorporated into the structure of the statue and it’s surroundings. Whilst you are walking around the grounds, you will find many touching messages to loved ones on tiles that are holding the structure up, or in the outer areas.

When visiting this holy site, try to avoid exposing too much skin or wearing clothing with offensive slogans on it. However, there is no need to worry if you have just headed here from the beach, because sarongs are provided at the front free of charge for you to cover up with.

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