Phuket Travel Guide: Activities for Solo Travellers

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Going solo in Phuket? Use the below as a guide to the best attractions and activities on the mainland and beyond:

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A day at the beach

It goes without saying that a vacation at Phuket isn’t complete without spending a day lounging languorously at the beach. Crystal clear waters and sandy coasts abound here, so it’ll be a pity not to make the best of the island’s paradisiacal attractions.

To make sure you’re hanging out at the right shores, follow our guide: if you’re all about sunbathing and laidback relaxation, your best bets are Paradise beach, Layan beach and Emerald beach. Snorkellers will enjoy Laem Singh beach and its captivating marine life, while Kalim beach is a favourite hangout for surfers.


It’s time to let your hair down and party! Feel the heat when you hear the Latin beats, and let your feet tap along to the music – whether it’s the energetic salsa tunes, romantic bachata or sensual kizomba.

Have a look at dance community pages on Facebook, like Salsa Bachata Kizomba Phuket or Salsa Phuket for updates on dance socials happening across the island. If you’re new to Latin dancing and would like to give it a go, bring along a sense of fun as you learn how to groove to the Latin beats at Phuket Dance Studio.

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All that dancing sure is fun, but a long night out of non-stop grooving may leave you with cramped muscles and sore feet. But that’s not a problem that a pampering massage treatment can’t solve, and thankfully there are plenty of massage parlours and spas dotted along the island that you can take your pick from. Check out our handy guide on where to go, the type of massages available, price range, and the signs you need to look out for to avoid getting an unintended happy massage…

Meditation / yoga retreat

A solo sojourn offers a good window of opportunity to join in a meditation retreat. You’ll be free from company, obligations or distractions, so it’s a good time to carve some days out of your travel itinerary for a spiritual pursuit.

Phuket offers a handful of yoga and meditation retreat centres, and the one that’s “right” for you depends on what you’re looking to experience. If you enjoy movement and having a regular yoga practice as part of your retreat, the programs at The Yoga Retreat may be right up your alley. But if what you seek is an immersive meditation practice, have a look at the four-day retreat program at Dharana Phuket Meditation Center.

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Outdoor adventure

Thrill-seekers and outdoor lovers will enjoy having fun under the sun at Flying Hanuman. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, give all of its 28 platforms – ranging from ziplines and sky birdges, to skyrails and abseils – a go. Set in vantage points soaring above the trees, this sky-high adventure will provide an adrenaline rush and vistas out to the surrounding rainforests and city landscape of Phuket Town.

But if the thought of whooshing down a zipline from a height of 400 metres turns your insides into jelly, fret not – you’ll still have other options. Tackle the jungle trails snaking through the island, cut through rubber plantations and ascend rolling hills via an ATV, canoe across the crystal clear waters or go scuba diving to explore Phuket’s exotic marine life, unusual underwater rock formations and stunning reefs.

Offshore attractions

Not all of the best attractions are found on the mainland – gems are also to be found at the neighbouring shores. Most of the offshore islands, like the popular Coral Island and Raya Island are well-loved for its excellent snorkelling and scuba diving sites. But there are other off-the-beaten-path sites to be explored. A trip to Koh Sirey, home to the Moken sea gypsies, is recommended for travellers with an interest in discovering the culture and traditions of the locals.

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Poolside lounging

Oh, who wouldn’t love spending the day in carefree relaxation by the pool? Of course, the best bet is to have your very own sparkling blue villa pool to lounge by. But that won’t an option for solo travellers, so you’ll have to settle for the next best option – chilling out by the pool within a hotel or resort compound. Most venues allow non-guests to enter with the purchase of a drink or food from the on-site restaurant or bar.

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