Lovin’ the Wildlife

Animal lovers, do set aside time during your stay in Phuket to visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Soi Dog Foundation!

Gibbon Rehabilation Project Phuket

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Take a day trip to discover the more rural parts of Phuket. Although transport such as a taxi is required to get here, it is definitely worth it to see the incredible work that is being carried out. When you reach close proximity of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, you will be welcomed with the cheerful calls of the gibbons.

The information boards are highly educational, with the staff and international volunteers also being highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable. However, as this is a Rehabilitation Project and not a zoo, do not expect to be able to touch the animals and animals that are close to being let back into the wild will not be exposed to visitors.

Gibbon Rehabilation Project

Definitely go and see this fantastic cause, especially considering that there are a multitude of animals, especially monkeys, that you will see on the streets of Phuket used for entertainment in areas such as Patong. However, both the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Bang Pae Waterfall are located within the National Park, so there is an entrance fee: 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children.

None of this fee goes towards the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, so be sure to donate to the worthy cause with the donation boxes that are scattered around the area. Highly recommended for animal lovers.

Soi Dog Foundation Phuket

Soi Dog Foundation

Whilst you are in the area, take a visit to the Soi Dog Foundation, a well-organized charity dedicated to sterilising, providing medical care for and feeding stray dogs. From Splash Jungle, the Soi Dog Foundation is only a five minute drive away, and will definitely be worth the time, as this organisation helps the neglected, abused and homeless dogs and cats of Thailand.

This foundation also campaigns against the cruel and illegal dog meat trade. Whilst many volunteer over a number of days, weeks or even months, even just going in for an hour within the day will prove to be a very rewarding experience. You will be given a tour of the Soi Dog Foundation and be told the stories of the dogs.

It is possible for you to socialize with and walk the dogs, as well as to play with the puppies if you visit this foundation over a number of days. Basically, anything that will make the dogs in this foundation feel as loved as possible! You are bound to come out of Soi Dog Foundation feeling enlightened by the bravery of these dogs.

The Soi Dog foundation is a non-profit organisation, and relies purely on donations from the general public and their visitors. Be sure to inform the staff in advance, if you are planning to make a visit.

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