Villa Torcello
Villa Torcello
Villa Torcello

Villa Torcello

  • Una vista spettacolare sull'oceano
  • Progettazione e arredamento di lusso
  • Miscela di architettura moderna e di stile asiatico

About Villa Torcello

Villa Torcello è davvero un capolavoro di architettura con un design straordinario, che offre anche una splendida vista sulle acque cristalline del Mar delle Andamane. La villa è stata arredata con grande eleganza, che unisce lusso, armonia e tranquillità.

Villa Torcello comprende cinque lussuose suite. La master suite, arredate con eleganza e raffinatezza, dispone di un romantico letto a baldacchino con vista sull'oceano. Si apre su una grande terrazza per prendere il sole. Nel bagno ha una vasca da bagno con idromassaggio e doccia esterna. Altre tre suite sono arredate con letti queen size e ognuna ha un bagno privato. L'ultima camera ha due letti singoli e bagno privato.

I servizi offerti da Villa Torcello sono eccezionali, con una sala giochi con biliardo e una sala multimediale con TV 48 pollici, un lettore DVD e una selezione di film e una Xbox. I saloni sono spaziosi. Il salotto e il soggiorno possono ospitare rispettivamente 12 e 14 persone. 10 persone possono essere sedute nella sala da pranzo, ideale per condividere un buon pasto che lo chef preparerà per voi e per le vostre papille gustative! Dopo cena, si può raggiungere la terrazza, con il suo bel laghetto giapponese e molti posti a sedere per godersi la brezza e la vista panoramica dei dintorni.



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Tragitti per:
- Phuket International Airport: 32km

Giudizi dei clienti

10/10 (Giudizio medio basato su 5 recensioni)

This is a great luxury villa for family or for friends. The decoration and facilities looked really new. Amazing pool and sunset view. The only downside was there was construction going on outside the villa. And it did affect one of the bedrooms' sleep quality. Other than that, it was all great. The entire supporting team was amazing during the stay. They were really helpful!

Laura Wang (Cina) soggiorna a Villa Torcello con un gruppo di amici e famiglia da 01/12/2015 a 18/12/2015

We are a bunch of demanding ladies who stayed at Torcello for a long weekend. The physical aspects of the villa is fantastic. The design was well thought out, pool was lovely with a great view, we specially loved the open kitchen/dining table. It was very comfortable with soft sheets, cold air conditioning in the rooms and no mozzies. The staff was very diligent in placing mosquito coils around the villa in the evening. However, what made this villa very special is the amazing staff. Jeremy, the villa manager was the best! He was very, very accommodating, always there to meet our needs and spoke very good English. As mentioned in the other reviews, the chef was so good that we did not even bother to eat out as it would be hard to beat his culinary skills. We ate only local food and they were all good. I think the management team must have picked up on previous feedback on the expensive villa transport and not being to call external companies. They clarified that we are able to arrange our own transport, which we did which was much cheaper. We are seasoned villa goers and all of us agreed that it would be very hard to beat this team in such a wonderful villa. We will definitely be back again.

Junnie (Singapore) soggiorna a Villa Torcello con un gruppo di amici e famiglia da 23/09/2015 a 27/09/2015

This is a great villa for friends, with beautiful living areas, pool areas, bedrooms and a lot of space and nice areas for dining, relaxing and having fun. The location is perfect with a beautiful oceanview and sunsetview. We stay 2 weeks at the villa a group of families with 4 teenagers. We really enjoyed the service provided by Poy and her team. They did an amazing job making our stay as pleasant as possible. the staff attended to every request. They even anticipated our needs before we knew ourselves. They also arranged restaurant reservations, trips and boat charter, transfer etc. The chef prepared excellent meals for us during our stay, and it really was an culinary journey through all aspect of Thai cuisine. We ended up having almost all our meal at the villa. We also found this to be quite affordable and much better quality compared to restaurants in the area. We used the taxi services provided by the management, which was expensive as other have mentioned, but we travelled as a group most of the time so it didn´t turned out so bad after all. and it was very convenient, the taxi was available at very short notice and the drive knew the island very well. If any improvement should be made it must the Internet capacity, with 4 teenagers it was congested and the internet access was very slow. Overall we had a wonderful stay, most of all due to the staff.

Adne G (Norvegia) goditi una vacanza romantica a Villa Torcello da 08/07/2015 a 13/07/2015

This is definitely one of the best properties in Phuket. You will really get everything what you see on the pictures. Excellent and spacious bedrooms, comfortable and varied common spaces such as a dining and a living rooms, cinema and billiard rooms, outdoor terraces and fantastic infinity-edge pool with jacuzzi. The location is great and it will take only 10-15 min to get to Patong when the new road construction will be finished. But there is one important thing that can completely ruin your great impression of this wonderful place - Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co). I'm traveling a lot around the world and I’m pretty often staying at some private places from antique Chateau in France to luxury villas in Western Cape (South Africa). I understand that there are a lot of differences in service and hospitality in Europe, Africa and Asia, but when you pay it Thailand for 3 bedrooms more than $2.000 per night you really expect to get something more than just beautiful furniture and nice sea view. At Villa Torcello from the first moment we had the strong feeling that the Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co) wishes to impose us an additional unnecessary services and make us pay for it. For example, they offered to us the cooking service for a price of 20% of the food supplies plus 7% VAT. This offer sounded good, but when we got the bill upon arrival, we couldn’t believe that food for simple breakfast for 5 people (3 days), for one lunch with burger and salad, and for one dinner with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of rum can cost almost $1,000. The answer is very simple. To earn the highest service fee the Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co) decided to buy the most expensive food. So instead of the pretty good local market prices we got bills from the most expensive store in Phuket. When I asked Michael Marchbanks who represents the Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co) to explain why it happend I got shocking response which means – If you want to live in the exclusive property you have to be ready to pay extras for the exclusive service which includes double prices for the food from the exclusive stores. This is not only one example of how to take you extra money for the simple things. Transportation. The Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co) did not allow villa’s staff to call for us a regular taxi and offered us only one car company for the triple price. Beverages. The only free drink was a chamomile tea on arrival.You have to pay extra for all from bottle of drinking water per 10 THB to each cup of coffee per 100 THB. And the last thing. The Gratuities: “Please note that your rental payment does not include any service charge or gratuity for the villa staff. The decision as to how much to tip the staff is entirely up to you, and should depend on how well you think the staff looked after you. But as a guideline, the average tip is about 500 THB per day to each member of the staff” (Have you ever heard about such a huge tips in Thailand where the regular tips in the hotels are 20-50 THB per day?). The Villa Torcello’s management team (KMM Services Co) insisted me the information about gratuities several times, which led me to believe that management simply decided to shift to the clients the salary of the staff (5 persons) for these day. At the end of the story, I would like to say that despite these inconvenience my friends and I spend a great time at The Villa Torcello and we would like to stay over there again, but we will do that only if the Owner will change the management team.

BAranico (Afghanistan) stayed at Villa Torcello with a group of colleagues from 07/01/2015 to 09/01/2015

This is a very exciting place to spent your holiday. The circumstances are beautiful , quite and clean, from each room's decoration you could feel the onwer's intentions and jump into the swimming pool of the villa become the most favorite sport of our daughter, not to mention the kindly smile from the staffs. And also each one stays here should try the food made by the chef. The only regret is the tips on the check out day,perhaps the manager should mark out the standard on the villa policy so that guest would know how much they would pay before make their reservation.

Jinyu Z (Cina) soggiorna a Villa Torcello con un gruppo di amici e famiglia da 23/01/2014 a 28/01/2014

Servizi e caratteristiche

  • Infrastrutture:

    • Letto supplementare (sovrapprezzo)
    • Ampio guardaroba
    • Asciugamani
    • BBQ
    • Cassaforte
    • Connessione Wi-Fi
    • Parcheggio off-street
    • Ombrellone
    • Piscina
    • Terrazzo
  • Trasporto:

    • Trasferimento aeroporto (sovrapprezzo) (contattaci)
    • Autista (sovrapprezzo)
    • Auto disponibile (sovrapprezzo)
  • Bambini:

    • Culla
  • Intrattenimento:

    • Canali internazionali
    • Lettore CD
    • Film in DVD
    • Lettore DVD
    • Sala cinema
    • TV
  • Pasti:

    • Cena (sovrapprezzo) (prezzo dei generi alimentari + 28%)
    • Cuoco (sovrapprezzo) (contattaci)
    • Macchina per il caffè
    • Colazione (sovrapprezzo) (prezzo dei generi alimentari + 28%)
    • Cucina completamente attrezzata
    • Pranzo (sovrapprezzo) (prezzo dei generi alimentari + 28%)
  • Servizi:

    • Domestico
    • Giardiniere
    • Lavanderia (sovrapprezzo)
    • Massaggio (sovrapprezzo)
    • Servizio di sicurezza
  • Ulteriori informazioni:

    • Pers. max.: 10
    • Personale:
    • Dimensioni della villa: 950 m²
    • Giardino: 550 m²
  • Condizioni generali:

    • Arrivo: dopo le 03:00 pm
    • Partenza: fino alle 12:00 pm
    • Caparra: 2500 USD $


Soggiorno minimo 4 camere da letto 5 camere da letto
da 10/05/2018 a 01/07/2018 Stagione bassa notte EUR € 1,010 EUR € 1,276
da 01/07/2018 a 01/09/2018 Stagione medio-alta notte EUR € 1,113 EUR € 1,403
da 01/09/2018 a 01/12/2018 Stagione bassa notte EUR € 1,010 EUR € 1,276
da 01/12/2018 a 16/12/2018 Stagione medio-alta notte EUR € 1,113 EUR € 1,403
da 16/12/2018 a 26/12/2018 Stagione medio-punta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 26/12/2018 a 14/01/2019 Stagione di punta notte EUR € 3,724 EUR € 3,724
da 14/01/2019 a 01/02/2019 Stagione alta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 01/02/2019 a 11/02/2019 Stagione medio-punta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 11/02/2019 a 05/03/2019 Stagione alta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 05/03/2019 a 29/03/2019 Stagione medio-alta notte EUR € 1,113 EUR € 1,403
da 29/03/2019 a 12/04/2019 Stagione alta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 12/04/2019 a 22/04/2019 Stagione medio-punta notte EUR € 1,607 EUR € 1,908
da 22/04/2019 a 01/07/2019 Stagione bassa notte EUR € 1,010 EUR € 1,276

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