Fun Facts: 10 Thai Superstitions

Did you know that cutting your hair on a particular day of the week was believed to bring bad luck, or that the size and thickness of your ears can indicate or influence your fate and fortunes? Do you know which items are considered taboo, and should never be gifted to your loved ones?

In the olden days, the Thais held a firm belief in these superstitions, and heeded the warnings of local sayings. Unexplainable circumstances, such as illnesses or dreams, were linked to supernatural causes, and connections were often drawn between two seemingly unrelated occurences. Such superstitions may sound completely bizarre in today’s modern society, but were believable back in the days where traditional customs and rituals were practised, and a lack of scientific methods and evidence was present.

Haven’t heard of any local superstitions? Kickstart your discovery with these ten beliefs:

Thai superstition snake dream

1. Dreamt that a snake wrapped itself all around your body? If you’re on the lookout for love, here’s some good news: this dream signifies that you’ll meet your soulmate soon.

2. Don’t clank and jangle your dish or utensils together; this is a signal to invite hungry spirits to join you in your meal.

3. Avoid getting haircuts on Wednesdays, for it brings bad luck.

4. Dreams that you have in the morning are likely to come true, as it is believed that angels visit mortals during the morning hours.

5. Avoid donning clothes in black if you’re visiting a patient at the hospital or attending festivities and celebrations. The ancient people consider black to be a colour that represents pain and sadness, and wear it only for mourning.

gifts you should not give

6. Racking your brains on possible gift ideas for your friends? Make sure you don’t present a handkerchief, for this signifies that your relationship with the other party will end in tears.

7. Individuals with large ears are blessed with an easy and lucky life, while those with thick ears are believed to lead unfortunate and lonely lives.

8. Avoid saying that a baby or child is cute. Instead, it is best to say that the child is ugly and unliked, as it is believed that evil spirits will capture the child out of jealousy if praises are sung. This is why some children are given terrible-sounding nicknames that translate to mean ‘pig’, ‘fat’ or even,’mosquito larvae’.

9. Avoid sleeping with your head pointing westward, or you will have bad dreams at night.

10. A dream in which you’re kissing someone else is believed to bring bad luck.

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