Essential Tips: Packing For Your Beach Vacation

We bring you a series of essential tips to help you pack for your beach vacation in Phuket!

Travel Beach Essentials

Travel Essentials for Your Beach Vacation

Beautiful Phuket charms travellers with its paradisiacal beaches containing stretches of pristine, white sand, rows of towering palms and sparkling turquoise waters. Phuket’s coastal areas also hosts a variety of sites and attractions, ranging from sophisticated nightspots, fine dining restaurants and boutique shops, to laidback bars and casual eateries.

It can be challenging to include everything that you need for your vacation in the tropics without overstuffing your luggage.

Whether you are a beach bum keen on spending hours lazing leisurely by the coasts, or a sophisticated vacation maker intent on hitting the coolest dining establishments and nightspots, we offer a series of handy tips to help you along in packing for your beach vacation!

Clothing: Go Light and Breezy

Keep cool under the tropical heat with breezy materials and light colours that do not absorb the heat. Resist the urge of packing an elaborate wardrobe. Instead, opt for a minimalist look by sticking to stylish basics. Think neutral tones, classic cuts and simple outfits.

Travel Beach Essentials

Men: Beach Vacation Essentials


Arm yourself with a selection of short sleeve button ups. Apart for being a breezy wear for the tropical weather, these shirts are also fancy enough for a special night out at a cosy beachfront restaurant.

Do pack along polo shirts, several t-shirts for changing into (quick-dry materials work best!) and cargo shorts. Lastly, toss in a pair of swimming trunks and sunglasses for bright, sunny afternoons spent on the beach!


Resist the urge to squeeze a wide selection of outfits into your vacation luggage!

Travel Beach Essentials

Ladies: Beach Vacation Essentials

For a relaxed, fuss-free beach vacation, opt for an array of simple basics, such as shirts in neutral shades, denim shorts, cute rompers and flirty sundresses. Add pops of colour and sparkle to your outfit by donning a statement jewellery, or putting on an accessory in a bold, eye-catching hue.

When it comes to footwear, do your feet a favour by leaving those heels aside. Trendy footwear perfect for a beach vacation include strappy sandals, sparkly flats and fashionable Havaianas footwear.


After Sun Skin Care

Indulge in after sun skin care!

Cleansers, sunscreen, toothbrushes and toothpaste are travel essentials to be included in your toiletries bag. Beach towels and disposable wipes are handy essentials to bring along for a quick clean-up after spending a day out on the beach.

Give your skin some TLC by slapping on Soltan Dry Touch Suncare Lotion SPF50+, a light, water resistant and sand resistant sunblock before you head out to frolic on the sandy shores. After a day out in the sun, soothe your skin by slathering on a layer of Cetaphil Suntivity After Sun Cooling Gel.


Beach Read

Beach Reads


Tech essentials to pack include travel converters, headphones and a camera. If you are a fan of capturing selfie shots, the selfie-stick is a travel essential not to be missed!

Beach Reads

In need of a good read while you laze languorously on Phuket’s scenic shores?

Get some inspiration for your beach vacation reading list by checking out our picks for the best beach reads in 2015!