Travel FAQ: Best Time to Visit Phuket

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Planning a trip to Phuket? Check out our handy FAQ guide below!

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Bitten by the travel bug, holidaymakers keen on visiting the sunny, tropical island of Phuket have often asked, “When is the best time to visit Phuket?

This essential question, along with others such as ‘When does the low tourist season occur?’ or ‘Which are the hottest months in Phuket?’, raise answers that will help travellers in conceiving a well-planned vacation to this tropical island.

We did our research, and offer you a concise and handy FAQ guide to help you plan your next sojourn to beautiful Phuket:

Which is the best time for travellers to visit Phuket?

The months of December to March is a popular period that draws tourists to Phuket as it boasts a cool, breezy and dry climate. You may expect to enjoy calm seas and clear, sunny skies. During these months, the average temperatures in Phuket hover between twenty-four to thirty-two degrees celsius.

Do note that accommodation costs are higher during this period, with prices peaking between mid-December to mid-January.

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When is the hottest period in Phuket?

Come March, April and May, temperatures start to soar in Phuket, and the climate becomes increasingly hot and humid. Short bursts of rain showers occur sporadically throughout the period.

During this period, seek refuge from the blazing weather by taking refreshing dips in the pool, or by chilling out in air-conditioned areas.

I am on a budget, and would like to minimise my spending on accommodation. When would you advise that I travel to Phuket?

The months of July and August are great for travellers on a budget. During this period, discounts are often offered on accommodation options as fewer tourists arrive during these two months.

Gusts of southwesterly monsoon winds will bring respite from the tropical heat. Sunny days are aplenty, but take note that there will be an increase in rainfall.

Phuket Rain

When is the low tourist season in Phuket?

The low tourist season falls during the months of September to early October. During these months, you can expect heavy showers, although long intervals of sunshine are present in between. Popular hangouts such as beaches, outdoor restaurants and streets are relatively quiet during this period.

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