4 Things You Should Do in Patong

A Beach Town in Phuket

beautiful Patong beach in Phuket.

Thailand is the main holiday destination for everyone who’s looking for exotic food, tropical beaches, and nightlife experience. Located on the west coast of Phuket island, a resort beach town called Patong is gaining more attention these days. Known for its loud nightlife, beer bars, gogo bars, massage parlors, and cabaret, one may describe Patong as sexy, raucous, and adventurous. Bringing your family along? Don’t worry because the beach, food, and family-friendly cabaret show are more than enough to fulfill your holiday wishes.

Imagine a pleasing blue sea with a golden sandy beach during the day, followed by a neon-lit party on the road at night. With its unique and bold culture, a holiday in Patong would be unforgettable.

There are many exciting things to do in Patong, below are 4 must-dos in Patong.

1. Enjoy the Beaches and Watersport Activities

enjoy the serene and pristine beaches  while in Phuket.

There’s no way to enjoy Patong without spending some of your time at its beach. The Patong beach is outstandingly beautiful with many fun things to do. The 3 kilometers of crescent-shaped coastline is adorned by coconut trees, golden sand, blue water, sun lounge chairs, food stalls, and beachfront restaurants. 

If you are looking for some great, rejuvenating time on the beach, it’s best to visit the place in the morning. Some of the locals might offer their massage service on the beach. The massage cost is usually around 200 bahts. Do not forget to try the local snacks and drinks, the food vendors and stalls are around for you to keep your tummy happy.

For adrenaline seekers, there are jet ski and parasailing operators ready at the beach. Wear your lifejacket when necessary and make sure to ask first about the jet ski insurance. Scams are quite common around this place.

You can also take a boat ride and do some beach hopping. There are several beaches just as beautiful as Patong, like Tri Trang, Kata, Rock Viewpoint, and Hua. Most of the other beaches are a little quieter than Patong, so it’s perfect for travelers who are looking for a relaxing, tranquil getaway time.

If you are interested in doing some surfing, keep in mind that the water is flat between November and April, but full of waves from May to October. The northern part of the beach is said to be the best for surfing.

The Patong beach is alive 24 hours. But beware, when the night comes, the real party has just begun. Keep your kids and elders inside after dark because the Patong beach might not be that family-friendly at that certain hour of the day.

2. Try Authentic Thai Exotic Food

fill your tummy with delicious exotic Thai cuisines while in Phuket.

One of the exciting things to do in Patong that you can’t ignore is trying the amazing delicacies there. Food plays a big part in Thailand’s social occasions, so there are many choices that you can taste.

If you’re feeling adventurous to try Thai’s exotic dishes like fried insects or a plate of raw beef with uncooked blood, well, you can definitely give a once in a lifetime go here as you will find plenty of street stalls selling them in Patong! However, if you prefer to stay on the safe side, Tom Yam Goong or yummy Pad Thai would be some of your wisest choices. 

Recommended Places 

There are also several local restaurants and snacks stores if you want to explore a better experience. Kaab Gluay Thai is said to be a long-time dinner place frequented by many tourists, locals, and expatriates. They serve the best authentic Thai food at an affordable price. The restaurant is quite big with indoor and outdoor sections. All the dishes are delicious, but the green curry with prawns has a special place in most of the customers’ hearts.

For a more romantic ambiance, you may try Ta Khai restaurant. Set like a garden by the sea, the restaurant is located at Tri Tang beach in Patong.  There are several huts with warm lights and open spaces. It is said that the place has a rustic-village atmosphere. Ta Khai means ‘fishing net’ in Thailand. A tank full of live seafood is on display for customers to choose their fresh and delicious lunch or dinner.

If you are looking for cheaper meal options, do not forget to savor the local snacks from the street vendors. Several things that you may want to try are Gal Yang (Grilled Chicken), Roti (Sweet Pancake), Moo Ping (Grilled Pork Satay), Kanom Jeen (Vermicelli With Curry), and Som Tum (Papaya Salad). There is also food made from deer and crocodile meat if you’re up for the challenge. You can find all of these mouthwatering dishes at Patong beach or Bangla Street Food behind the Old Tiger Complex.

3. Go See Simon Phuket Cabaret Show

entertain yourself by watching cabaret shows in Phuket.

Bring your camera, because the number one thing that you need to include in your things to do in Patong is to watch the Simon Phuket Cabaret Show. It’s full entertainment from the beginning until the end: music, dance, comedies. Dazzling stage with sparkling dancers with colorful costumes. The one-hour evening show takes the audience from Egypt, Korea, Hollywood, and then back to Thailand. There is never just one thing to focus on and the show is always improving and innovating. The visuals are spectacular and the stars are attractive.

You will hear a whisper here and there: the ladies are not what you think they are! But that’s part of the intoxicating joy of Patong, to expose yourself to its bizarre fun.

Many places offer cabaret shows in Patong, but Simon Phuket Cabaret Show was said to be family-friendly, so kid viewers are welcome to watch. Considering how famous the show was, you might want to book the ticket before you visit the place. The ticket is ranging from $11 – $16 (show only) per person. There’s also Simon Cabaret Phuket Show with hotel pick-up and drop-off service for around $20-$23 per person. Price may vary according to the tour agent’s package and policy. 

4. Roam in the Nightlife Scene

Make sure enjoy the nightlife in Phuket.

Time for the real talk. This might be one of the most intriguing things to do in Patong. As we have mentioned before, the Patong beach at night is not quite kid-friendly. Especially Bangla road and Paradise Complex which are located not far from the coast.

Bangla road is full of neon lights at night. Red, pink, blue, yellow, and purple lights are beaming from every corner of the street. House music and people’s voices are pulsating in the air. It is the home to the most mind-blowing Phuket nightclubs, discos, and go-go bars.

If you are looking for a dance until dawn kind of night, you may try to visit the local Patong nightclubs. Nightclubs come and go in this place, but the longest-existing Bangla nightclubs are Illuzion and Sugarclub. 

Illuzion Phuket nightclub is gigantic and could house more than 5.000 standing people at once. The place was originally designed to be next to Las Vegas’ glorious nightclubs with their magic shows. This explained why the stage is so vast and the lighting in this place is so extra. Club entrance is free and for around 800 bahts you can get an all-you-can-drink special. 

Unlike the other parts of Thailand, Bangla is not the place where scams often happen. It’s quite a safe place, but be careful of the touts that claim that they could get you benefits from the bar. It is best to find your bar of choice or get a trusted local tour guide for that. Don’t rely on the unknown tuk-tuk or taxi driver as they may have already conspired with the suspicious bar owner.

The cost of the drink at the bar on Bangla road is ranging from 180 to 200 baht. The Russian Go-Go or Moulin Rouge is more expensive than the other bar, so make sure to check the price on the menu before ordering.

So those are 4 exciting things to do in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. It might be quite an adventurous experience for some of us at first, but the memories are significant for a lifetime! Enjoy your time at Patong and S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn h̄yud (have a happy holiday).