21 Halal Restaurants in Phuket: Guide to Phuket’s Culinary For Muslims

Phuket is one of the most popular beach locations in Thailand with Muslim visitors thanks to its clean beaches and sparkling blue oceans. The island, which is close to the Malay Peninsula, is home to individuals from various cultures, including ethnic Malays and sea gypsies. As a result, it’s no surprise that Muslims account for 20% of Phuket’s population!

Phuket is a magnificent island to visit.

Phuket’s magnificent beaches, bustling environment, and beach frenzy vibes are the magnets for tourists when visiting the island. When traveling as a Muslim, the first thing on one’s mind is how they can find Halal food. How can one enjoy a holiday while maintaining the sanctity of their faith? However, we’re glad to tell you that Muslim tourists should feel at ease when visiting Phuket as the island has significant number of Muslim population and more than 50 mosques spread across the island, chances are you’ll find plenty of fantastic halal eateries in Phuket and nearby islands. And you’ll be blown away by the delicious variations and delicacies served there. 

As a melting pot of cultures, Phuket offers a plethora of halal food restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Here is a detailed list of Phuket’s best halal spots that you must visit while on holiday on the island.


Patong, Phuket’s main beach resort town, is a bustling little town with plenty to see and do. Patong Beach has everything you need for a pleasant beach day, including water sports shops, massage parlors, and food streets. In the evenings, relax on Bangla Road or shop until you drop at the Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise complex.

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, let’s try one of Patong’s halal restaurants:

1. Cairo Restaurant

As soon as you enter this halal Egyptian-themed restaurant, you will feel like you are transported to Cairo. Despite the fact that the restaurant is named after Egypt’s capital, it serves a variety of cuisines including Thai, Indian, and Arabic. Tandoori curries, kebabs, steaks, pasta, and seafood menu offered by Cairo Restaurant will take you on a culinary journey around the world, the halal way.

2. The Sandwich Club

This halal sandwich stall is located only a stone’s throw from Patong Beach, is the ideal spot for a quick bite after a day on the beach. The Sandwich Club offers a variety of sandwiches, including burgers, shawarma, and kebabs. Anyone’s up for some sun, sea, and a sandwich? Me :)

3. Anwa Lookchin Pla

The bouncy, house-made fishballs served in noodle soup at Anwa Lookchin Pla are legendary. Period. You can choose between a hot and sour or a hot and spicy soup base, depending on your tolerance to spicy food. Beef Steak and Singaporean Chicken Rice are two other delicious meals on their menu you should try!

4. Padiran Iranian Restaurant

Despite its location in a neighborhood brimming with Middle Eastern cuisine eateries, Padiran Iranian Restaurant remains one of the most popular. The Lamb Shank, out of everything on their wide variety of options, is the main star of their menu. The restaurant is popular among Muslim travelers because of its pleasant service and delicious halal meals at moderate costs.

5. Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood

Because of its proximity to the sea, Phuket’s halal eateries are known for serving fresh seafood. Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood is one of Patong’s most popular halal seafood restaurants. Prawns, mussels, sea bass, lobsters, and a variety of other seafood options pair nicely with their Thai curries and Tom Yum.

6. Casablanca Restaurant

The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa in Phuket has a halal restaurant on the premises. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to the Middle East thanks to the restaurant’s Arabian decor! Delicious Indian and Arabian cuisines, such as Tandoori Chicken and Naan bread, are a great way to round out your “Middle Eastern” experience.

Kamala, Kathu, and Phuket Town

Phuket is the place where halal foods are easy to find.

If you want to stay in a quieter part of Phuket while being close to the action, Kamala, Kathu, and Phuket Town are the place to be. These three districts located north of Patong, offers a gentler pace of life to Muslim guests. Phuket Fantasea, a big cultural theme park with spectacular shows, a buffet, exhibits, and a shopping paradise, is Kamala’s only major tourist destination. Or spend your free time exploring the local markets and relaxing on Kamala Beach.

Starving for delicious halal meals? Fear not, there are a wide variety of halal eateries to choose from in these areas!

7. Makan Buffet Halal Restaurant

Halal Buffet at Makan Phuket is a stylish western restaurant with a large buffet spread that is entirely halal in terms of preparation and ingredients. It offers an open-air atmosphere, with a moderate wind keeping you cool during your visit. Hainanese chicken rice, shrimp dumplings, and satay are all recommended dishes.

8. Marina Kitchen Phuket

Marina Kitchen Phuket is a stylish boutique restaurant with a lake view, indoor and outdoor seating, and a menu of halal Thai cuisine. The dishes feature all of the traditional Thai flavors, but with a lower amount of chili, making them ideal for visitors with a poor tolerance for spicy. The mango salad, Thai-style omelet, and deep-fried sea bass are all standouts that go well with steamed rice.

9. Adamna Halal Foods

Adamna Halal Foods is a small, family-run restaurant that specializes in traditional halal Thai cuisine. Plants, herbs, and flowers of many kinds are used in their meals. The Claypot Soup, which comes with a tray of components to add to your soup, is one of their most popular dishes. Prepare for a hearty supper with a variety of fresh seafood and noodles.

10. Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, which is part of the Phuket Fantasea cultural park, caters to Muslim visitors. As Asia’s largest buffet restaurant, you can anticipate a large buffet spread featuring cuisine from around the world. The halal buffet is served separately for your convenience, and Muslim customers can dine in a separate location.

11. De’cafe Halalfood

De’cafe Halalfood delivers some seriously excellent halal Thai and Western cuisine, so don’t be deceived by its attractive façade. Fried Chicken Sandwich and Crab or Prawns in a Thai Curry Sauce are two of their most popular dishes. Their coffee is very excellent, despite the fact that it is marketed as a cafe. You will thoroughly appreciate your caffeine dose, whether it is in the form of a steaming cup of cappuccino or icy frappes.

Karon and Kata

Karon the second most popular beach in Phuket has lots of halal food restaurants.

After Patong, Karon is the second most popular beach destination. A climb up to Karon Viewpoint is a must-do if you want to see spectacular views of the Karon and Kata beaches. After your hike, reward yourself with a swim in the turquoise seas. Aside from Karon Beach, Kata Beach, which is 1.5 kilometers long, is a popular choice. The beach is practically pristine, despite the fact that it is visited by Muslim tourists. Choose from surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling, or swimming after taking off your shoes.

Fill your stomachs at these halal restaurants after a fun day in the salty water:

12. Istanbul Restaurant Kata Phuket

Istanbul Restaurant Kata Phuket delivers similar Turkish cuisine to other restaurants in Phuket, but its specialty is scrumptious Turkish pizzas. Because their Turkish pizzas are prepared to order, you can anticipate only freshly cooked items. Furthermore, they serve large portions that are ideal for sharing and are also a fantastic value for money.

13. Kataturk Turkish Restaurant

Although this halal restaurant serves a variety of different cuisines to cater to the diverse tastes of their Muslim patrons, their Turkish cuisine is authentic. Traditional Turkish dishes such as hummus, kebabs, and Lamb Turkish Pizza are served at Kataturk Turkish Restaurant. If you have a sweet tooth, you must sample the baklava before leaving the restaurant!

14. The Charm’s Restaurant

The Charm’s Restaurant is a small, family-run establishment with a big personality. Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Pepper Chicken, and Thai Basil Chicken are just a few of the delectable Thai and Western meals served at this little eatery. Make sure to wash down your meal with one of their unique fruit smoothies.

15. Burger House Halal

If you’re looking for a change of pace from Thai or Middle Eastern cuisines, try a good ol’ American classic: cheeseburgers! Their patties are delicious and their buns are perfectly toasted. Consider crunchy crusts and soft, warm inside. Their burgers are served with a side of fries and a variety of delectable homemade sauces. The Mexican Cheeseburger and BBQ Mushroom Burger are must-tries for Muslim customers.


Bangtao beach is popular with some halal foods around.

Bangtao is a tranquil, family-friendly beach getaway located in the northern section of Phuket, far from the frenzy of Phuket’s popular towns such as Patong and Kata. Bangtao Beach is one of Phuket’s largest, stretching for six kilometers. Bangtao is known as Phuket’s upmarket side, featuring excellent boutique stores and luxury resorts. A visit to the bustling Ma-Kin Night Market Phuket is a must at night.

If you’re hungry after all those exhilarating activities, stop by one of these Bangtao eateries:

16. Jasmine Halal Food

Jasmine Halal Food will not disappoint you when it comes to halal authentic Thai seafood meals. The flavors are to die for, despite the simplicity of the menu items. Fried Sweet and Sour Fish, Fried Garlic and Pepper Chicken, and Tom Yum Goong are just a few of their highly recommended meals.

17. Barakat Halal Restaurant

Barakat Halal Restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, including Arabic, Italian, and Thai. Order Pad Thai, Beef Steak, Chicken Biryani, Beef Shank Soup, and Naan to travel the world without leaving your seat. 

18. Dirham Halal Restaurant

Dirham Halal Restaurant, conveniently located in Bangtao Beach, is an Indian halal restaurant that also serves Thai and Western cuisine. You can expect a wide variety of curries, chicken, and seafood dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest Muslim consumer. Despite its upscale appearance, the restaurant’s delicious halal food is surprisingly fairly affordable.

19. Little Box Steak House Halal

Little Box Steak House Halal will take you on a culinary journey to the West if you need a break from Asian or fish cuisine. This restaurant is recognized for its tender, juicy steaks, as the name suggests. Among Muslim diners, their Cream Sauce Ribeye Steak is a firm favorite. Other delectable menu options to try include spaghetti and pizza-style french toast.

Coconut Island

Coconut island has a few halal restaurants in the area.

20. Rafah Dim Sum Halal

Who thought halal Dim Sum could be found in Phuket? Phuket Laem Hin Pier is around a 15-minute drive from Rafah Dim Sum Halal. This halal restaurant also serves delicious Boat Noodles with a choice of chicken, beef, or fish, in addition to a range of freshly steamed Har Gow, Shumai, or Baozi.

21. Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant

At Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant, get ready for an unforgettable supper on the water. Between Phuket and Coconut Island, this halal eatery floats. This no-frills restaurant delivers some of Phuket’s freshest fish. The seafood is obtained in the same waters where the restaurant is located! Tom Yum, Fried Soft Shell Crab, and Garlic Chicken are some of their most popular meals.

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