9 Tips to Enjoy Luxury Travel in Phuket on a Budget

Who doesn’t love indulging in a luxury travel trip? But not everyone’s willing to pay an arm and leg to enjoy all the perks that a luxe getaway brings…or must you really fork out an exorbitant sum?

We say – not with these budgeting hacks. Here’s how you can travel luxe with less:

rent a villa with friends

1. Get your pals to join in the holiday fun!

“The more, the merrier” – this saying certainly holds true when it comes to holidays! And not only will you be having more fun surrounded by your closest friends and family, you’ll also be reaping greater cost savings too.

Here’s an example: a night out for two at a luxury hotel won’t fall under a price of $100 per night for each person – but you could be paying this amount or less if you’re sharing a villa with your travelling party. The lower accommodation cost, in addition enjoying perks like having a private pool, personal butler or chef and access to a full range of luxe amenities makes this an option that gives you more bang for buck.

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2. Keep an eye out for early-bird and last-minute deals

Here’s our first tip: keep your eyes peeled for early-bird and last-minute travel deals! But between the two, we have a preference for the former – since there’s always the risk that our top choices aren’t available in the last-minute deals.

Typically, you’ll enjoy cost savings of up to 15 percent – even if you may have to make a full payment upfront. To get the first dibs on these deals, do remember to opt-in for newsletters or notifications from your favourite travel and vacation rental sites.

phuket off the beaten path

3. Stray off the beaten path

Shun the tourist hotspots and traveller favourites! Not only will you enjoy the serenity and novelty of discovering a hidden gem visited by few, you’re also likely to reap cost savings at less popular tourist venues and accommodation options. While most areas of Phuket are popular among vacationers, locations like Rawai, Kalim and Nai Harn are where you’ll find a quiet slice of paradise on the island.

4. Time your holiday for the off-tourist season

If you’re travelling with your little ones in tow, it may be trickier planning your holidays for the low season as it’s unlikely that it will coincide with the school holidays.

But if the timing fits in well, it’s a wise move timing your vacation for the off-tourist season, as there’s plenty of cost savings to be enjoyed – from discounted accommodation rates to reduced attraction and transport fees. And apart from getting more bang out of your buck, you’ll be avoiding the busy tourist crowds too!

Note: The peak tourist season in Phuket lasts from January till March or April, and the low season starts from May to October. It gets quite busy during November and December due to the year-end festivities. 

silk restaurant fine dining in phuket

5. Enjoy top-notch dining venues after hours

Popular dining venues tend to be more expensive (and packed to the brim!) during regular lunch and dinner hours. Visit these venues for a post-lunch drink, tea or dessert and cocktails after dinner to soak up the luxury experience, while still reaping savings from skipping out the main meal.

6. Plan sightseeing trips for the later part of the day

Visit attractions like museums or galleries in the later part of the day – so you can enjoy savings off discounted tickets sold near closing.

7. Make a mini-getaway out of your work trip

Sent out abroad on a business trip? Grab the opportunity, and ask your employer about extending your trip for a few days, so you can travel around by just paying a little more. Or tag along with your significant other on his or her work trip; this brings savings in terms of transportation and accommodation costs.

work trip vacation getaway

8. Loyalty pays off

Staying loyal certainly helps – especially when it comes to chalking up frequent flyer miles. You’ll be able to redeem your points for free flights or enjoy perks like reduced baggage fees, access to airline lounges or early boarding – all of which help create a more comfy flight experience.

luxury travel on a budget

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9. Be selective about your splurges

When planning your vacation budget list, classify your spendings into two categories: splurge and save. As you list down items under each column, you’ll develop a clear idea about the areas that you’re willing to scrimp on, and where you’re happy to spend.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this list; some of us are happy with budget meals at local eateries, while for others a fine dining meal now and then is a non-negotiable aspect of their travel experience. But when you’ve struck a happy balance between the two, you’ll find that you can enjoy the perks of a luxury travel experience without busting your budget.

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