Pampered in Phuket: 10 Best Spa Massages on the Island

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Updated on 20/07/2018

Is your body in need of some tender, loving care? Go ahead and indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment; the rhytmic kneads, aromatic scents and luxe treatments do wonders for the body and mind. From wellness centers to posh spas, we’ve nailed down ten spots to get some of the best massages in Phuket, from luxurious spas to affordable massages. Check it out:

Luxurious Spa Treatments

Siladon Best Spa Massage Phuket
Credit: Siladon Spa Phuket

Located at the hillside overlooking Patong Bay, you will find a good selection of massages and treatments at Siladon Spa Phuket. From Traditional Thai Massage to So Thai Luxury and So Thai Nirvana, a session here will leave you entirely at ease and refreshed. They offer promotions for two people (couples), so don’t forget to bring your partner along with you!

Amari Best Spa & Massage Phuket
Credit: Breeze Spa Phuket

Settle down snugly in one of the open-air massage salas dotting the emerald grounds of Breeze Spa. Nestled amidst the verdant greenery, a spa treatment at each of the salas provides a feast for the senses; set your gaze on the stunning sea vistas, inhale the salty sea breeze and allow the sonorous sound of the waves to lull you into a state of deep relaxation.

Can’t decide which treatment to go for? Let your moods decide, and take your pick from a range of mood massages available. Stressed and frazzled souls may let their worries drift away with the soothing serene or dreamy massage, while holidaymakers seeking an energy boost should try out the energised treatment.

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Oasis Spa Phuket Best Massages
Credit: Oasis Spa Phuket

Part of the award-winning Oasis Spa range, Oasis Turquoise Cove Spa is located in the quiet outskirts of Kamala Beach. This place is popular among people staying at nearby hotels and villas, making it one of the most frequented spas in the Kamala region. They have a wide variety of treatments available. From Traditional Thai Massage to a five-hour Seaside Sensation Spa Package, the top-notch experience at Oasis Spa will keep you coming back for more.

Banyan Tree Spa Best Massage Phuket
Credit: Banyan Tree Spa

You know you’re enjoying the kneads and strokes by some of the best hands on the island, when the spa you’re at has been voted ‘World’s Best Spa Resort’ by readers of the Condé Nast Traveller magazine. A few hours of pampering care at Banyan Tree Spa Phuket doesn’t come cheap, but then again, the services, treatments and facilities that you enjoy aren’t either. An extensive selection of massage treatments on the menu means that you can enjoy just about any type of massage teachnique, ranging from Balinese to Swedish here.

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Mid-range Spa Treatments

Burasari Spa Phuket Best Massages
Credit: Burasari Phuket

All treatments here start and end off with the Burasari Purification Ritual, a treatment enjoyed in two parts. Prior to the spa treatment, visitors will enjoy a foot bath and dry body scrub, while the post-treatment ritual involves a quiet rest and sipping cups of tea. Traditionalists may take their pick from a range of signature treatments, such as the Burasari Signature oil massage or Thai massage. If your muscles are feeling more tense or sore than usual, try out one of the alternative healing therapies.

Santosa Phuket best spa Massage
Credit: Santosa Phuket

Achieving wellness is a holistic process that involves the mind, body and soul, so take your first step towards this worthwhile goal by joining in the programs and spa treatment at Santosa Wellness Center. Think your body could do with a spring-cleaning session? Go ahead and try out a juice fast or raw food detox, but not without starting with a pre-cleanse detox session to help ease your body into a fasting regime, and ensure that it is at the ideal PH level to maximise the benefits of the detox programs. If detox diets are not quite your thing, build up your energy levels by joining fitness classes at the center, and soothe your senses with a range of traditional massage therapies.

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Phuket best Massage De Surin
Credit: De Surin Health Spa

De Surin Health Spa is a small but chic spa located in Surin Plaza. They offer spa and massage packages designed almost for everyone. Choose from their traditional massages or more specialised treatments, such as De Surin Sport or Signature De Surin Bamboo Massage to target any problem areas you may have. The therapists are well-versed in the types of treatment and will be able to recommend a suitable one for you, making sure you leave the place feeling fresh and stress-free.

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Afforable Local Spa Treatments

phuket best massages
Credit: Sweet Lemongrass Phuket

Although Sweet Lemongrass Phuket is just a small establishment in Patong, it has earned an incredible reputation among the locals and tourists. Their services are excellent, the environment is clean, and the prices are incredibly affordable for the quality you get. They have since expanded to four outlets in different parts of Phuket, check out the nearest outlet for you here.

It’s vacation time, and what better way to kickstart a relaxing holiday than to indulge in a soothing spa treatment? At Kata Day Spa, you’ll have more than a few pampering treatments to take your pick from. Rid your body of tension and aches with a good anti-stress back and shoulder massage, add a glow to your skin with a luscious chocolate body wrap and give your tresses some T.L.C with a good ol’ hot coconut oil treatment.

phuket best massages
Credit: Oriental Massage Phuket

With many outlets around Phuket, Oriental Massage Phuket has a good selection of treatments to choose from. Some of the popular packages are the Oriental Honeymoon and Sense of Oriental. They also have an extensive facial treatments offered – the basic course include Face Cleansing, Hot Ozone Steaming, Herbal Face Scrub and many more.

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