Fishy Feasts: 6 Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

When the craving for a fishy feast hits, travellers are spoilt for choice on Phuket. After all, the island is home to myriad restaurants churning out numerous seafood fare, ranging from classics like Tiger prawns and steamed fish, to more exotic items, such as sea cicadas. Of course, a food craving is only satisfied when you’ve feasted on the best – so make sure you venture to these six spots dishing out some of the tastiest plates on the island: 

Mor Mu Dong Phuket

MOR MU DONG Chalong, Phuket Town

Mor Mu Dong may be a hidden gem, but even food critics and celebrity chefs have nosed their way to this restaurant in search of a fine seafood feast. Set under the thatched roofs of small wooden huts built atop a mangrove swamp, the setting here presents a rustic sight. Apart from its quirky set up, Mor Mu Dong charms with its winning seafood delights. Order a serving of pla pao, which is a dish of a whole fish stuffed with aromatic kaffir leaves and lemongrass, dusted with salt and wrapped in banana leaves during the grilling process. This yields an exterior that is delightfully crusty, as well as an unbelievably tender bite.


On the prowl for tasty plates filled with electable seafood fare? Venture to bustling Sea Hag Restaurant; its busy crowds are a testament to the popularity of the eatery. The atmospheric setting and tastefully-decorated interiors provide an appealing sight, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the sumptuous fare churned out from the kitchen.

Dining with a group of seafood lovers? Go for the mixed seafood platter. Are you the lone fishy fanatic in the gang? Tuck into your very own plate of steamed lemon fish with rice. You are not limited to these dishes – an extensive selection of seafood dishes on the menu brings much variety to your dining table.

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A seafood meal does not get any fresher than this. When the restaurant you are dining at is set above the sea water, with nets full of fishes and crustaceans kept in between the rafts, you can rest assured that plates of fishy delights on your table are the freshest catch available. If you are not a fan of adventurous tastes, stick to classics like the blue crabs, squid and steamed fish. A tangy tom yam goong will go well with everything too.


Fish 4 Thought Seafood Bar & Grill is a spot that wins on both aesthetics and taste. The well-decorated eatery, furnished with family heirlooms, oozes vibes of retro-chic. The setting is charming, but the star of the show are the tasty plates served right to your dinner table.

Expect to feast on a variety of Phuketian dishes, Thai food and European items. Seafood lovers can look forward to delectable fare given a local twist. The Phuket-style crab curry, served with noodles, juicy barbecued Tiger Prawns and clams in white wine are absolutely scrumptious, and will leave your licking your plates clean. Do note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Chakachan Restaurant Phuket


Tucked away on the serene northern coasts of Phuket, Chakachan Seafood shares a spot along the golden sands of Haad Sai Kaew Beach with a handful of seafood restaurants. Chakachan’s beachfront setting exudes a rustic charm; diners tuck into a seafood spread under traditional thatched roofs. Venture off-the-beaten-path here, and opt for unordinary fare, like the tiny, deep-fried cicadas (known as ‘chakachan talay‘), a dish that has earned a spot on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods.

KAN EANG 2 SEAFOOD Chalong Bay, Phuket Town

Aptly named Kan Eang 2 (kan eang translates to mean ‘relaxed’) offers the perfect spot for a leisurely meal. Most of the seating is set in the breezy outdoors, under the shade of almond trees. Expansive, open areas and shallow waters along the coast makes this a family-friendly restaurant just right for hosting the entire clan. The cosy environment makes it all the more enjoyable to tuck into a feast here, and the extensive menu, filled with a good selection of seafood items, traditional Thai dishes and refreshing beverages will leave you spoilt for choices.

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