Hit the Sweet Spot: Best Desserts in Phuket

Foodie travellers, you’re in for a culinary treat! Picturesque Phuket, home to myriad cafe hangouts and quirky local finds, dishes up an array of desserts that promises to satisfy your sugar cravings, regardless of whether you have a preference for baked goodies, traditional local fare or wholesome vegan delights. Everyone has their favourite dessert haunts, but the following stopovers come with our recommendations: 

Phuket Mac-chiato House & Cake Box

Cosy cafe setting: Mac-chiato House & Cake Box

Popular Mac-Chiato House attracts a steady crowd during the weekends. Regulars come for a taste of Engie’s scrumptious baked treats, such as the banana cake with chocolate-caramel cream and banana slices, rich brownie and delectable honey toast. The cafe’s comfortable setting, made up of earthy neutral hues, a well-stocked bookshelf and beautiful black-and-white images encourage patrons to relax, unwind and take their time to slowly savour the sweet treats.

Iced Treat: Nami Homemade Ice Cream

A hidden gem along Patak Road, Nami Homemade Ice Cream is a must-visit stop for lovers of iced treats. Here, you will find a diverse variety of flavours that promises to delight and entice, ranging from well-loved classics such as a good ol’ vanilla or chocolate ice cream, to innovative creations, like the treacly popcorn-flavoured ice cream or refreshing peach and raspberry blend.

Atsumi Raw Cafe dessert

Wholesome Goodies: Atsumi Raw Cafe

Nestled amidst a picturesque garden, Atsumi Raw Cafe offers a serene setting for diners in search of a cosy and quiet dining spot. This is the ideal spot for vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious foodies seeking to satisfy their sugar cravings. Stave off your hunger pangs by opting for one of the wholesome raw vegan or vegetarian mains on the menu. Next, move on to one of the best parts of a meal – dessert. Decision-making is a tough process when a bevy of tantalising items await – will it be the rich brownie with avocado ice cream, yummy chocolate and coconut balls, or the pretty pecan cupcake?

French Pastries: Siam Bakery

On certain days, only a traditional, well-made French pastry will suffice when it comes to satisfying your dessert cravings. When the urge for a decadent cake or classic pépito hits, make your way to Siam Bakery. We must add in a note of caution – make sure you exercise a good amount of restraint and discipline, or you might find yourself swiping the shelves clean of its delicious baked delicacies!

Mango with sticky rice

Mango and Sticky Rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

A trip to Phuket is not complete without savouring the classic mango and sticky rice dessert. Chunks of mango are laid out beside a mound of sticky rice, drizzled with coconut cream and dusted a smattering of sesame seeds. You will easily find this treat sold at the local markets and street food stalls, as well as local restaurants such as Panwa House.

Red Rubies (Tub Tim Krob)

A pretty and eye-catching dessert, a bowl of tub tim krob contains ruby-coloured water chescuts covered in tapioca dough and iced coconut syrup. Make your way to a well-known roadside store called ‘Down Town’, located near the Phuket Town bus market across Phuket Old-Time Square, to savour this treat.

Banana leaf sticky rice

Other Local Desserts

If you are an avid foodie constantly on the prowl for local culinary treats, you will be delighted to know that an endless array of traditional desserts await your exploration in Phuket. Sink your teeth into intriguing-sounding items such as the banana leaf sticky rice, shredded egg yolk tart, coconut cream jelly and condensed milk jelly. Widely available, it is likely that you will come across a variety of stalls selling these local sweets when you stroll about in the night markets or walking streets.

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