Coffee Lovers in Phuket: Where to Get the Best Brews on the Island

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Some cannot start their day without their daily caffeine buzz. Others enjoy it as an afternoon treat, preferably after a satisfying feast of authentic Thai classics, or a fine meal in an incredibly posh setting. Serious caffeine addicts will down different variations of a coffee beverage throughout the day – perhaps a frothy cappuccino in the morning, followed by a couple of espresso shots as the day progresses.

Whichever category you fall under, it is understandable that you’ll want to have the best brews on the island. Here are the places to head to, when the caffeine withdrawal symptoms kick in:

Hoe Hock Lee Phuket

Hock Hoe Lee

Sitting in a quiet neighbourhood at the south of Phuket, Hock Hoe Lee draws a crowd of caffeine lovers with its aromatic brews. The contemporary interiors and friendly staff makes the cafe an attractive spot for a breakfast hangout or afternoon tête-à-tête. Guests hungry for a bite will find a selection of light nibbles and snacks on the menu. Bags of freshly roasted coffee and teas are available for sale, so grab a couple of these goodies if you find the heady aromas and rich taste of the coffee to be utterly irresistible.

Café Siam

Start your day off on the right note by venturing to Café Siam. The cafe’s fuss-free setting welcomes a casual crowd of vacation makers on the prowl for homemade breakfasts and Italian coffee.  If you arrive too late for breakfast, make this your go-to spot for afternoon tea. Rich coffee and delicious cakes make a good teatime combination, don’t you think?

Andaman Coffee Phuket

Andaman Coffee

Is the local coffee in Phuket not to your liking?

If your tastebuds yearn for a stronger brew, a trip to Andaman Coffee will satisfy your cravings for a stong jolt of caffeine. The extensive menu offers a range of hot, iced and frappe coffee drinks, as well as fruit smoothies and shakes for travellers seeking caffeine-free alternatives. Be sure to savour your brew with tasty nibbles, such as toasted sandwiches and crispy waffles.

Phuket Coffee Lab

Guests at the Phuket Coffee Lab have left rave reviews about the home-brewed coffee that they have sampled at this unassuming cafe. Have a chat with the knowledgeable barista while savouring sips of your coffee, and you will discover intriguing facts and insights about your favourite brews. Alternatively, take your passion for coffee a notch further, and learn the art of coffee-making by signing up for a barista training class. The comprehensive sessions are conducted for individuals and small groups, and last over a duration of three to four hours.

The Circle Coffee Boutique Phuket

The Circle Coffee Boutique

You will find more than a good cup of coffee at The Circle Coffee Boutique. This charming cafe also offers a cosy setting, as well as a selection of sumptuous fare that will whet your appetite. Dessert lovers will not be able to resist the range of tantalising treats on display – get ready to sink your teeth into a good ol’ apple crumble pie, fudgy banana chocolate cake or decadent oreo cake!

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