Wellness Travel Activities in Phuket: Time to Relax and Rejuvenate


The frenzied pace of our modern lives leaves us with little time for ourselves. Stacking up our days with lengthy to-do lists, multi-tasking throughout the day and letting our attention zoom in on a multitude of factors at a go may leave us feeling weary and worn. 

The remedy? Hit the pause button this vacation, and make it a point to devote yourself fully towards a relaxing and wholesome holiday. This means engaging in wellness activities, pampering massages, mind-clearing meditation sessions, as well as getting plenty of rest and back in touch with nature. With these four travel activities, you will be inspired to kickstart your wellness vacation in Phuket:  

Spa Treatment
Soothing Spa Treatment

Relax: Aqua Spa

Holidaymakers are in for a royal treat at Aqua Spa. Step into the compounds of this well-decorated spa, and you will find a selection of holistic treatments following the ancient Thai massage practices established by the first king of the Chakri Dynasty.

Guests can opt for half-day programs, or select individuals massages along with a series of beauty treatments. Relieve the tension in your body by undertaking a relaxing hand or body massage. Now that the knots in your body are soothed and relieved, bring a glow to your skin by giving it the tender loving care that it needs. Follow up your spa treatment with a facial, body scrub, body masque or sweat it out in a steam sauna.

Atsumi Retreat Healing Center
Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Heal: Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Recharge your body with a stay at Atsumi Retreat Healing Center. Here, travellers can immerse themselves in a soothing environment with plenty of rejuvenating activities.

Stretch out tense muscles by engaging in invigorating yoga sessions and quieten the turbulences in your mind by sitting still in meditation. It is said that your body is a temple, so feed it well by tucking into an array of raw vegan and vegetarian meals throughout your stay. Fill up the rest of your time during your stay at Atsumi with a plethora of engaging activities ranging from salsa, water gym and Thai boxing, to beach strolls, mountain walks and bike rides.

Phuket Meditation Center
Phuket Meditation Center

Meditate: Phuket Meditation Center

If you are a little wearied out by the frenetic pace and buzz of events in your life, perhaps it time to get away from it all. Retreat to Phuket Meditation Center, and soak up its zen-like atmosphere while you engage in a series of wellness activities aimed to soothe your soul, clear your mind and restore your sense of well-being.

Travellers can take their pick from a selection of retreats lasting between a duration of three to ten days. During the retreat, participants will follow a structured schedule that includes a morning excursion, meditation sessions, yoga, meal breaks and introspective question-and-answer sessions with a teacher.

We Café
We Café

Eat: We Café

Arrive at We Café, and settle down in its warm and welcoming interiors. Situated along Chaofa West Road, this wholesome eatery will strike a chord with health junkies with a taste for fresh and hearty meals. Hungry diners may opt for a toasty sandwich or go for a generous house salad. Take note that assembling your salad here is a serious business, for there are a total of thirty-one toppings to choose from. Those seeking a light meal may choose from a selection of nourishing nibbles, or down a refreshing smoothie.

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