Spicin’ Up Your Night in Phuket!

Phuket Cabaret Show

Spice up your nightlife in Phuket with glittery cabaret shows and furious boxing matches!

Simon Cabaret Phuket

Phuket Simon Cabaret

With performances twice a night, Phuket Simon Cabaret is about 300 meters south of Patong centre, providing their famously entertaining transvestite shows. With a theatre that sits 600 people, it is advised that you book in advance, as it’s usually always a full house. Many families choose to go here with their children, and although the costumes can be quite revealing and sexual, there is no nudity throughout the show.

The convincing lady boys and the beautiful costumes instead always amaze patrons. Energetic with great choreography and hilarious lip-syncing, it is sure to be a night full of laughs and beers. Be wary at the end of the night however, as the performers will line up at the side of the street as you leave, and demand 100 Baht per photo with your own camera.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium

As you walk around Patong, you will probably see the promoters for this event driving around in a promotion truck and announcing the fights through a megaphone. Well-publicised, there are a lot of people that go to these fights. Although this is not a place for you to try out your own boxing skills, this stadium has a packed line-up of competitive “Muay Thai” boxing bouts.

Starting off with much younger, amateur fighters, the fights slowly build up to the climax of the professional fighters. There is obviously a lot of skill to these fights, as the boxers move in time to the steady beat of the drums, and on occasion the fighting is very fast and furious. In a very airy and spacious setting, this is sure to be a night for people who love to watch boxing and have a few beers.

Be wary though- the beer is three times as much in the upstairs area as it is in the downstairs area! The tickets for the front row are the most expensive, and perhaps don’t provide as great a view as seats from the stadium.

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