Villa Baan Amandeha

Изображения и описание виллы Villa Baan Amandeha


Отзывы клиентов

10/10 (Средний рейтинг основан на 2 обзоры)

I can honestly say that our time in Phuket was even more special than we ever could have hoped or planned for. We spent a good amount of time trying to find the right place that could fit our large group of 24 people comfortably. The villa is situated in the most perfect location on the island. The sun rises over the hills across the bay that the villa faces. We made a habit of waking up every morning to watch the sunrise in or around the pool. It was the perfect start to the day. Speaking of the pool area, it was perfect for a group our size. There is more than enough lounge area, and the water is always clean, sparkling, and the perfect temperature. The beach just off the property is perfect for swimming as well. Because the bay is so calm it made for perfect swimming conditions pretty much every day we were there. As far as both villas go the accommodations are top notch. The houses are planned so well, and the architecture is stunning. Everything you could need for your trip is provided. There was more than enough space for our large group. The pool table and ping pong table allowed for hours of competitive fun for our group. The communal area and dining table worked great for us.I would recommend staying at Villa Baan Amendeha to anyone who would like to have more than just a trip, but a complete experience in Phuket. When we go back I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Carl (Австралия) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Baan Amandeha с друзьями и семьями с 03/02/2017 по %to

Staying at Villa Baan Amandeha was an absolute dream. The chef cooked amazing meals for us all week, the staff were fun and kept our house in order. If I needed transportation it was there in 5 minutes. All the rooms are large and well equipped with everything you could need. The beds are comfortable, and the open concept living area is the perfect spot to hang out with friends as you watch the sun set on the beach outside your door. We spent a ton of time in the pool, playing ping-pong, and having drinks at the outdoor bar. The location of the villa is ideal. I would recommend this villa to anyone looking for a luxury stay in Phuket. It had everything I could have asked for in a villa. They had to kick me out at the end of the week!

Kristinao (Великобритания) отдыхал(а) на вилле Villa Baan Amandeha с друзьями и семьями с 25/11/2016 по %to

Услуги и особенности

  • Услуги:

    • Круглосуточная охрана
    • Садовник
    • Уборка
    • Прачечная
    • Массаж (доп. плата)
    • Личный помощник гостей
    • Охрана
  • Удобства:

    • 3G модем
    • Дополнительная кровать (доп. плата) (50 USD/ночь, 10 чел. макс.)
    • Барбекю
    • Фен
    • Бытовые предметы
    • Джакузи
    • Телефон для местных звонков
    • Стоянка на боковой улице
    • Полотенца для бассейна
    • Зонт у бассейна
    • Бассейн
    • Терраса
    • Wi-Fi Интернет
  • Транспорт:

    • Доставка из аэропорта (доп. плата)
    • Аренда лодки (доп. плата)
    • Автомобиль (доп. плата)
    • Водитель (доп. плата)
  • Дети:

    • Детская кроватка
    • Высокий детский стул
    • Няня для детей (доп. плата)
  • Развлечения:

    • Настольные игры
    • CD-проигрыватель
    • DVD фильмы
    • DVD-проигрыватель
    • Международные каналы
    • Спутниковое телевидение
    • Стерео
    • Стол для настольного тенниса
    • Телевизор
  • Питание:

    • Повар (доп. плата)
    • Кофеварка
    • Ежедневный завтрак (доп. плата) (система меню)
    • Ужин (доп. плата) (на основе меню)
    • Полностью оборудованная кухня
    • Обед (доп. плата) (на основе меню)
    • Заказ еды в виллу
  • Подробности:

    • Макс. кол-во чел.: 20
    • Персонал: 10
  • Правила и условия:

    • Заселение после 05:00 pm
    • Выселение: до 11:00 am
    • Депозит: 1300 USD $
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с 16/12/2020 по 09/01/2021 Пиковый сезон ночи RUB ₽ 722 000

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