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10/10 (Gemiddelde score gebaseerd op 10 recensies)

I am very satisfied with this villa! I spent 5 days in this villa with my extended family, a total of 13 persons including a 2 year-old kid. The staff was helpful, the rooms spacious, the food delicious and the pool entertaining! The only down-side is the location. It is located on top of a hill at Bang Tao area which means that you need to have some form of transportation to go to areas that you want to visit.

Roston (Filipijnen) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden van 25/12/2016 tot 30/12/2016

Perfection.. thats the word for this villa. The villa, views, location and service surpassed all expectations we had. Came here with my family of 10 and left with the experience of a lifetime.

Pardeep (Singapore) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden van 29/04/2016 tot 02/05/2016

Absolutely perfect, the building, service, food, everything. I cannot rate highly enough. I will be back.

Tim (Australië) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden en hun familie van 17/01/2015 tot 19/01/2015

15 of us stayed here for my wife's 30th birthday (they put an extra bed in the spa room). The experience was beyond all expectations. The place is huge, incredibly stylish and kitted out with every mod-con. We felt like we were on mtv cribs! All bedrooms were large and the music system connected to every room as desired. Huge comfortable beds and high end bathrooms throughout the property. Kuhn Oi and her team were very accommodating. Always there when you needed but unobtrusive. The kitchen, lounge and swimming pool area were all open plan allowing the party to easily socialise whilst enjoying there own comforts. Trip to the beach and a night out were easily arranged. Vegetarian food was accommodated easily with a set dinner and BBQ lunch. We took our own alcohol and found the food cost to be fair and reasonable. My wife and all her friends had the time of their lives!

Gita (Thailand) geniet van een romantisch verblijf in Villa Beyond van 13/12/2014 tot 15/12/2014

We stayed here for three days and the only regret is we didn't stay longer. I believe the photo of the villa already show you how good is this property, and their service are on the same standard. This villa is located on the hill, which provides you great view and the quietness. But don't worry about the convenience, the manager Ms. Oi and her team will arrange everything for you in this villa. In villa meals, massage are all in reasonable price. Also the staff will give you best offer for any day-tour you intended to join. It was an incredible experience and we can't wait to come back!

F_Pang (Hongkong SAR van China) geniet van een romantisch verblijf in Villa Beyond van 09/10/2014 tot 12/10/2014

This is the second time we stayed at this villa. It is huge with 8 rooms and a fantastic seaview. The huge living room/ open kitchen/ dinning area gives everyone room to do their own things, while staying touch with what's going on. its perfect for keeping an eye on the kids while the adults enjoy their own space. They have followed our adivse to put in some safety feasture near the infinity pool entrance, which now makes it safer for young kids. The only complaint of the villa is that its not within walking distance to the beach. hiring a car will help. The property manager and her staff are excellent. they took good care of us

Cliff (China) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden van 12/07/2014 tot 15/07/2014

Our family (12 of us ranging in age from 2 yrs to 69 yrs) assembled from both hemispheres of the globe at villa beyond for what was meant to be a relaxed, comfortable reunion come celebration of our dad's 70th birthday. It turned out to be a luxurious, pampered dream holiday thanks to the staff who made the property even more appealing with their attentiveness and super-efficient nature. At the same time they were so discreet it was almost magical how they appeared whenever they were needed and yet were not at all in our way. The chef produced very tasty and yet (surprisingly) most reasonably priced dishes. A couple of maintenance issues were attended to with haste. The Villa concierge Oi was an absolute professional..... made sure our every whim was catered to, and suggesting alternatives when we were deciding our itinerary. Even took care of a nasty taxi driver (who we had arranged on our own on the first couple of days)..... We quickly learnt our lesson and asked her to arrange any other transport that we needed. Probably the only downside to the whole property is the steep sloping access road to get to it.... Well documented by the Villa managers when corresponding with them so not a surprise.... But some 13 seater vans (less powerful ones) may have a problem climbing the slope (hence the reason for the nasty taxi driver mentioned earlier) and so may refuse to take you right up. Overall it was a truly magical experience and the photos on the website are no exaggeration!

Dave (Australië) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep collega's van 07/06/2014 tot 10/06/2014

What can we say in the end (opinion of all 20 people): - amazing quality villa; - very private and beautiful location; - great decoration with comfort; - AMAZING TEAM, exceptional SERVICE, very nice and FRIENDLY STAFF, so helpful!!! Service is out of any expectations! - breathtaking view! Minuses only are: - a bit far from fun area (but villa easily organized transportation for us); - some insects (cause next to forest and a lot if light) - but in general is ok. Would recommend for bi parties like weddings, birthdays. But at the same time can be great family vacations. We were friends from 4 different countries between 26 and 31 yo. All been to many places in the world. But this villa made a big mark in our memories for sure!!! Highly recommend! And price is really affordable for big groups of people!

Alex (China) geniet van een romantisch verblijf in Villa Beyond van 08/05/2014 tot 10/05/2014

About Villa It is as it states on its website with no exaggeration. Our family of 9 adults 1 child and 1 infant, all enjoyed our stay and recommend it to others. Accommodations Each room is as it states, however, only 1 room was able to watch TV (aside from the living room). Yes, it does have that many movies and a good sound system to accompany the HD films. Surrounding Environment Was great with spacious panoramic views and the pool was used every day including night and rain (kids loved it: but requires supervision) Transportation at night and on rain days were a little difficult due to the steepness of the hill. Elderly and people with heart issues are not recommended to walk up or down this hill. Service Was 110%. Cooking, cleaning and friendliness was better than most 5 star hotels. The in-house cooking is recommended. Overall We would come back.

Mark (Hongkong SAR van China) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden van 23/09/2013 tot 26/09/2013

Amazing Amazing Amazing. This was our comments since our first steps into the villa and it remains until the very last day. We (a group of 13) stayed at this villa for 7 days, and it gave a lot of great memories to our group. The staffs are VERY welcoming, and very flexible on supporting our requests on anytime during the day. They were so accomodating to our daily activities and habits, that we do not feel disturbed at anytime during the day, yet they can still complete their cleaning up routines! The lovely lady chef was the best, I think we each gained about 10kg from this trip simply because the foods made were so good!! You can basically order ANYTHING, on or not on the menu, and she can manage to cook for you. the villa was beautiful just like seen on pictures, though some of the facilities / walls can do some updates, but those are really minor which don't really affect the overall rating. Strongly recommend this villa to anyone who is looking for a true escape!

AD (Frankrijk) verbleef in Villa Beyond met een groep vrienden en hun familie van 08/09/2013 tot 13/09/2013

Diensten & kenmerken

  • Faciliteiten:

    • Extra gast (extra kosten)
    • Badhanddoeken
    • Bar
    • Huishoudelijke artikelen
    • Kledingkast
    • Kluis
    • Privé parkeerplaats
    • Zwembad
    • Terras
    • Wi-Fi internet
  • Transport:

    • Luchthaven transfer (extra kosten)
    • Auto beschikbaar (extra kosten)
  • Kinderen:

    • Babybedje
  • Entertainment:

    • CD-speler
    • DVD's
    • DVD-speler
    • Internationale zenders
    • Stereo
    • Tafeltennistafel
    • TV
  • Eten en drinken:

    • Chef (extra kosten) (personeel)
    • Koffiezetapparaat
    • Dagelijks ontbijt (extra kosten) (kosten van boodschappen + 20%)
    • Diner (extra kosten) (kosten van boodschappen + 20%)
    • Volledig uitgeruste keuken
    • Lunch (extra kosten) (kosten van boodschappen + 20%)
  • Diensten:

    • Huishouden
    • Wasservice (extra kosten)
    • Massage (extra kosten)
    • Welkomstdrankjes
  • Meer informatie:

    • Pers. max.: 14
    • Personeel:
  • Voorwaarden:

    • Aankomst: 15:00
    • Vertrek: 12:00
    • Late uitcheck: Op basis van beschikbaarheid: tot 06:00 pm betaalt u 50% van het dagtarief
    • Borg: 1500 USD $
    • Evenementen & bruiloften: kan georganiseerd worden, onder voorbehoud van bijkomende kosten en specifieke voorwaarden (neem contact met ons op)


Minimum verblijf 4 slaapkamers 5 slaapkamers 7 slaapkamers
van 18/02/2019 tot 04/03/2019 Hoogseizoen 3 nacthen EUR € 1,067 EUR € 1,107 EUR € 1,151
van 04/03/2019 tot 18/04/2019 Midden-hoogseizoen 3 nacthen EUR € 937 EUR € 978 EUR € 1,027
van 18/04/2019 tot 29/04/2019 Midden-piekseizoen 7 nacthen EUR € 1,241 EUR € 1,241 EUR € 1,241
van 29/04/2019 tot 01/07/2019 Midden-hoogseizoen 2 nacthen EUR € 848 EUR € 888 EUR € 937
van 01/07/2019 tot 01/09/2019 Hoogseizoen 2 nacthen EUR € 978 EUR € 1,027 EUR € 1,067
van 01/09/2019 tot 01/11/2019 Laagseizoen 2 nacthen EUR € 799 EUR € 848 EUR € 888
van 01/11/2019 tot 17/12/2019 Midden-hoogseizoen 3 nacthen EUR € 1,027 EUR € 1,067 EUR € 1,116
van 17/12/2019 tot 26/12/2019 Midden-piekseizoen 10 nacthen EUR € 1,205 EUR € 1,205 EUR € 1,205
van 26/12/2019 tot 16/01/2020 Piekseizoen 10 nacthen EUR € 1,781 EUR € 1,781 EUR € 1,781
van 16/01/2020 tot 01/02/2020 Midden-piekseizoen 7 nacthen EUR € 1,205 EUR € 1,205 EUR € 1,205
van 01/02/2020 tot 04/03/2020 Hoogseizoen 3 nacthen EUR € 1,067 EUR € 1,107 EUR € 1,151
van 04/03/2020 tot 08/04/2020 Midden-hoogseizoen 3 nacthen EUR € 937 EUR € 978 EUR € 1,027
van 08/04/2020 tot 19/04/2020 Midden-piekseizoen 7 nacthen EUR € 1,241 EUR € 1,241 EUR € 1,241
van 19/04/2020 tot 01/07/2020 Midden-hoogseizoen 2 nacthen EUR € 848 EUR € 888 EUR € 937
van 01/07/2020 tot 01/09/2020 Hoogseizoen 2 nacthen EUR € 978 EUR € 1,027 EUR € 1,067

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